Bring Esports To GameFi Industry

What is Samurai Guild Games (SamuraiGG)?

Samurai Guild Games (SamuraiGG) is a gaming community originated from Tokyo, Japan, focusing on GameFi and NFT. We aim to spread the good influence of GameFi to the young generations by maintaining an incentive gaming economy.

Its fundamental idea is to allow gamers to enjoy different AAA games and monetize their hobby at the same time. This will ultimately sort out highly skilled players for SamuraiGG to incubate, who will represent the community to attend world-class professional competitions.

From another aspect, SamuraiGG establishes a direct pathway for finest GameFi projects to reach gaming enthusiasts, which minimizes marketing costs and maximizes brand exposure efficiently.

Esports Market Size

The esports market is growing parabolically in the last few years, which reflects the maturity of the gaming industry. This all happens quickly since high-end hardware is now more affordable than in the past, not to mention the development of gaming software and internet infrastructure.

According Fortune Business Insights, the global esports market is projected to grow from $1.44 billion in 2022 to $5.48 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 21.0% in forecast period, 2022-2029.

The report above somehow describes this moment as the very beginning of a larger adoption wave in the upcoming years. It means there is an opportunity down the line in the industry, where anyone can join and turn gaming hobby into a real full-time job.

One may wonder how participants and relevant parties earn in the industry. In fact, the answer is quite simple. The majority of revenue generated in the industry comes from advertisements targeting electronic sports viewers, including ads displayed during live streams on online platforms or electronic sports TV.

Back to the case of GameFi, when the concept is still ambiguous to most gamers, SamuraiGG team believes it will be a breakthrough which monetizes time and effort of players. At some points, serious players can even turn this into a substantial source of income to support daily necessities.

SamuraiGG App

In early 2023, Samurai Guild Games will launch the SamuraiGG App, a Web3 application allowing users to actually participate as guild members and earn certain benefits. The app will also be available on iOS, Android, and APK by late 2023.

Users can first start their journeys by minting cool NFT badges (Shลgun, Samurai, Peasants, etc.) with different privileges. Once minted NFT, SamuraiGG system will officially recognize the badge owner as a guild member and start giving quests.

By completing given quests, badge owners will be rewarded with SamuraiGG token, Limited NFT, Exclusive NFT Title, and other high-liquidity rewards. SGG badges can be sold on SamuraiGG NFT Market, or burnt back to SamuraiGG token instantly.

In fact, only guild members have certain accessibilities to SamuraiGG app features based on their badge ranking. The app is designed to offer a distinguished experience unlike any others. Learn more about SamuraiGG App.

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