⛩️About SamuraiGG App

What is it?

The App

SamuraiGG App is a Web3 application exclusively designed to support Samurai Guild Games community. It comprises a full package to boost up any GameFi projects and to incentivize community members with high-liquidity rewards. The app aims to establish a healthy & sustainable game economy which benefits all involved parties, and sorts out professional players to represent SamuraiGG in different world-class competitions.

The earliest version of SamuraiGG App will be a web-based one on Avalanche chain. Users will need to connect a wallet to initiate the app. SamuraiGG system will then require users to mint an SamuraiGG NFT badge in Shoin-zukuri to officially become a guild member. As a reason, the app is only accessible and useable to SamuraiGG members.

Guest access is also available once connect wallet, but the process is meant for a quick tour rather than an alternative option to use the app.

SamuraiGG team will later release the app on iOS, Android, and APK to enhance user experience and accessibility.

Samurai Guild Token (SGT)

SamuraiGG Token is the main bloodstream of SamuraiGG App, which incentivizes SamuraiGG community to contribute value and governs all operations of SamuraiGG platform. The token is expected to launch across different popular chains from Ethereum, BSC, Polygon to Avalanche which maximizes its liquidity.

On the app, users need SGT for NFT minting, NFT payment on marketplace, fees for Gacha games, system voting, etc. Learn more about SGT.

App Features

Shoin-zukuri (書院造)

Shoin-zukuri is a spot for users to mint NFT badge to officially become an SGG member and to fully experience SGG App. Created badge can be burnt back to SGG token.

Dō-maru (胴丸)

Dō-maru is the official store of SGG, where guild members can obtain limited series of NFT directly from SGG team.

Bushidō (武士道)

Bushidō allows users to participate in both daily and seasonal quests. Their rewards can be varied from NFT Title, SGG Token, Shōgun Badge, Tennō Badge to latest iPhone, etc. Each finished task will be counted with one, or several points. SGG members with highest points will be able to join the Yūsha Ranking Board.

Yūsha (勇者)

Aforementioned, Yūsha is the official ranking board of SGG. It reflects most active users with highest points in an order. Yūsha members will have extra benefits in comparison to regular members.

Shingen-ko Matsuri (信玄公祭り)

Shingen-ko Matsuri is a built-in chat feature of SGG App, which will be available on all SGG versions from Web3, iOS, Android to APK.

Chūshingura (忠臣蔵)

Chūshingura (忠臣蔵) is the native staking platform of SGG App, where users can stake SGG or farm LP-SGG token for a substantial APY and additional rewards.

Ichiba (市場)

Ichiba is the SGG NFT marketplace.

  • Ichiba NFT Market: users can list NFT for sale and trade NFT P2P.

  • Ichiba Scholarship: users can lend their NFT to scholars and actually generate a good source of passive income from NFT.

  • Ichiba NFT Auction: users can put their NFT into an auction and allow others to bid.

Izakaya (居酒屋)

Izakaya is a feature for SGG members to entertain and try their luck by opening NFT Loot Box, registering for upcoming airdrop (NFT & ERC-20 token), or playing Gacha games.

Kenjutsu (剣術)

Kenjutsu provides access to earliest BETA versions of finest games incubated by SGG.

Tokugawa Clan (徳川氏)

Tokugawa Clan is a union of elites in SGG community, which only accepts members with Samurai badges and above to join private sale events of verified & incubated projects by SGG team.

Tokugawa Bakufu (徳川幕府)

Tokugawa Bakufu in other words is SGG DAO which allows SGG members to vote for system operations and updates.

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