Bushidō (武士道) - SamuraiGG Quest

Eligibility: Peasant, Rōnin, Samurai, Daimyō, Shōgun, Tennō

Restricted: N/A

Bushidō is a portal providing daily and seasonal tasks to guild members to complete. Those can be as simple as a retweet, watching a video, downloading a game, etc. Only members that hold SamuraiGG badges for more than 03 days can start taking tasks.

The higher the badge, the higher the reward. Bushidō rewards can be diversified from NFT Title, SamuraiGG Token, Shōgun Badge, Tennō Badge to latest iPhone, etc.

Daily tasks will be refreshed every 3 hours. Each finished task will be counted with one or several points. Top 100 members with highest scores will appear on the Yūsha Ranking Board and appear on Shingen-ko Matsuri chatroom with an honor mark. This means even lower badges can join the Yūsha Ranking Board if those members take more daily tasks than any others.

By acquiring points, member's level will also increase. This enhances the dropping chance of high-value items significantly. However, if a member decides to sell his badge on Ichiba market, the level of his NFT badge will be reset to level 01. On the other hand, NFT lending would not affect the current level of a member.

From time to time, there will be seasonal tasks or campaigns on SamuraiGG Bushidō offering limited awesome rewards. Please follow SamuraiGG community for latest updates.

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