Dō-maru (胴丸) - SamuraiGG Store

Eligibility: Peasant, Rōnin, Samurai, Daimyō, Shōgun, Tennō

Restricted: N/A

Dō-maru is the official store of Samurai Guild Games, which only allows accesses from guild members. The store provides limited series of NFT officially launched, or incubated by SamuraiGG Scholar Fund.

Its mechanism creates early access opportunities to top-tier NFT series, which ensures the best price and highest liquidity in terms of reselling on Ichiba NFT Market.

Anyone with an SamuraiGG badge from Peasant to higher ones can easily approach Dō-maru and purchase limited NFT quickly.

Some collections may require users to make purchase in a certain period. Once a designated date reached, the sale will be closed.

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