Kenjutsu (剣術) - Play Earliest Beta Versions Of Finest Games

Eligibility: Samurai, Daimyō, Shōgun, Tennō

Restricted: Peasant, Rōnin

Kenjutsu is a feature of SamuraiGG app providing access to BETA versions of incubated games by Samurai Guild Games. SamuraiGG members can download and play those games for free.

Every once in a while, SamuraiGG members need to register to play test versions. In return, top players will be rewarded with SGT, Gacha tickets, NFTs, or IDO slots.

SamuraiGG Scholar Fund will also pick one or several top players to train and pay monthly wages as official representatives of SamuraiGG in upcoming competitions.

The fund will be monitored and operated by Tokugawa Bakufu (SamuraiGG DAO) as soon as it's established in the future.

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