NFT Auction

Amplify NFT Value

Eligibility: Rōnin, Samurai, Daimyō, Shōgun, Tennō

Additional Requirement: Staking or farming in Chūshingura

Restricted: Peasant

This feature enables NFT owner to put an NFT into auction. During an auction session, other members can start bidding from the floor price offered by the NFT owner. Once the session closed at an appointed time, the one with the highest bid will win the NFT.

The latest time to withdraw a bid is 15 minutes before the session closed. Any withdraw later than this will be invalid.

The only payment in NFT Auction is also SGT. Listing for auction is completely free and limited to Samurai badge and above. SamuraiGG system will charge 10% service fee and burn 80% of the collected fee automatically.

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