🌾SamuraiGG Token

A Token Of Community

About The Token

SGT is the main bloodstream of Samurai Guild Games which distributes SamuraiGG resources and incentivizes community members to create value through active participation. The token is expected to expand the concept of game economy that turns GameFi into a vigorous industry by balancing out benefits of all involved parties.

Token Utility

By staying ahead of the curve, SamuraiGG team will be those first ones to actually bring game economy into different professional gamer communities. It explains why most features of SamuraiGG app require users to use SGT.

According to the theory of money velocity, the faster a token rotates in its circulation, the more value will be created in the system. It also kicks up the burning process of SGT, since the majority of collected fees will be burnt systematically. Every now and then, SGT will benefit all involved parties since its market value will pick up steadily.

SGT fuels the SamuraiGG system as below.

  • Shoin-zukuri: SGT is needed when minting SamuraiGG NFT Badge. Users can also burn minted badges back to SGT in the future.

  • Shingen-ko Matsuri: SamuraiGG members can tip others with SGT in community chat room, or via DM. This mechanism can be used to create crowdfunding campaigns and similar events.

  • Chūshingura: It enables users to stake SGT or to farm LP-SamuraiGG for APY as well as additional rewards. Staking or farming in Chūshingura is also a requirement to use other features of SamuraiGG App.

  • Ichiba: The 03 features of SamuraiGG Ichiba from NFT Market, NFT Lending to NFT Auction all require users to use SamuraiGG as the main payment.

  • Izakaya: To play Gacha, or NFT Loot Box in Izakaya, guild members need to have some SGT to initiate.

  • With other features, SamuraiGG token plays the role of the main incentive, which makes sure every attempt to interact with SamuraiGG system of guild members will deserve a high-liquidity reward.

Advantages for communities to issue SGTs

It is possible to form a community that can share profits to members who contribute to the project. Methods include profit sharing and the granting of tokens. Within the community, it is easy to secure the number of community members and design incentives for them to distribute tokens for their contributions by introducing a system to award points based on their contributions. In turn, this will help to secure the number of liquidity providers for the DEX.

We then become a community that changes society. We will issue tokens for this purpose, ensuring adequate economic circulation and proper governance; we must redefine a new democratic form of community by having token holders govern not only GameFi content, but also about social life in general.

Benefits of users having SGTs

Token ownership, like the services described so far, gives Samurai Guild Games members exclusive content, usage privileges, and voting rights for governance. Finally, users can receive startup and development support, including an incubation center tied to their tokens.

Token Info


Vesting Schedule

Circulating supply must be a well-balanced design that considers the long-term growth and sustainability of SGT.

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