🪁Shingen-ko Matsuri

Shingen-ko Matsuri (信玄公祭り) - SamuraiGG Chatroom

Eligibility: Peasant, Rōnin, Samurai, Daimyō, Shōgun, Tennō

Restricted: N/A

Shingen-ko Matsuri is a built-in chat feature of SamuraiGG App, which will be available on all SamuraiGG versions from Web3, iOS, Android to APK.

While chatting on SamuraiGG App, users can tip others with SamuraiGG Token, NFTs, and other supported assets directly in a community chat, or via DM. This function can be used to run a crowdfunding campaign and similar events.

Any Samurai guild members with a badge from Peasant to Tennō can chat on public rooms, or send DM to other members. However, the right to create community channel is only available to Daimyō, Shōgun, and Tennō members.

Community owner can set a community status to public, or private, and appoint others members to become community admins, or moderators. They can even narrow down channel accessibility with certain terms.

For example, a Shōgun can create his private community channel that only accepts members with Samurai badges and above. This method enhances community value and quality by filtering out unsuitable candidates.

If a community owner sells his badge, the community ownership will be transferred to the new owner who purchase the NFT.

If a community owner burns his badge to SGT, the community ownership will be transferred to SamuraiGG team.

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